The text all gets written first in Drafts. When writing the text should always come first. Titles, tags, and images are a distraction; they can and should be addressed later. Also, Drafts is a universally great place to put any text, and those fragments can later turn into posts, making it the perfect place to start.

From Drafts, the text is sent to Workflow.

The command to do this is just a run workflow action with the name of the workflow to be run.

The Drafts’s action can also be created from Workflow, which takes less taps.

A long, complicated workflow then

  • requests a title
  • requests tags
  • adds correctly formatted metadata1
  • creates a correctly named text file for the Jekyll blogging platform
  • saves the file to the correct path and GitHub account using Working Copy

The workflow can even add images. IMAGE1, IMAGE2 etc. are used as text placeholders when writing, then Workflow converts those to properly formatted links and requests the files to be uploaded be chosen from the system photo picker.

Finally, I just need to enter a commit comment and push to Github where their servers will process the text file using Jekyll and publish.

  1. YAML front matter