Yesterday, a customer on the Keyboard Maestro forums wrote a thank you to Peter, the owner/developer of KM:

Peter, I don’t know how you do it–all the work you do on KM, and still answering many questions in the forum. Just a note from one very appreciative customer.

This was quickly followed by “+1”s.

I have to agree that this echoes my sentiments too. I love KM as excellent software, but the extra work on answering (sometimes silly or rude questions) is really wonderful.

Even better was Peter’s deferential reply:

Thanks Mike (and others!), your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

It’s easy to say how I do it - I’m supported by all of you. I get to do what I love, work from home so I can walk my kids to school, make something that is useful to lots of people, and all because you folks all support me, both financially and by helping expand Keyboard Maestro to others.

So by far it is me who needs to thank you all, not the other way around!

Thanks, Peter.